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making news in america this morning -- relief operations. victims of the supertyphoon are fighting for survival, as as much-needed aid finally begins to arrive. we're live in the philippines. and problem-plagued. another black eye for the low number of people who signed up on the troubled website is adding fuel to the fire. mile-high drama. a plane taking a nosedive starts to plummet to the ground. >> i thought i was going to die. that's what everybody on that plane thought. >> terrified passengers telling their story. and why they say the person in charge made it much worse. show stopper. a fearless 5-year-old masters the choreography in a performance that's going viral.
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good thursday morning, everyone. we begin with more american aid arriving in the philippines this morning. >> the "uss george washington" has arrived. this image posted to its facebook page just a moments ago. the air force carrier is off the coast of the typhoon-ravaged region. abc's gloria riviera is live in manila with the very latest. good morning, gloria. >> reporter: good morning, john and diana. i can tell you those aircraft carriers are a very welcome arrival in this part of the world. here in the philippines, president aquino has gotten some criticism because he's still unable to give a specific time or date for when those relief supplies will reach those who need it the most. he's also blaming local regional authorities saying it is really a, quote, local problem. by contrast, the u.n. humanitarian chief says their priority is getting food to
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people as soon as possible. we're reaching a grim stage of the humanitarian crisis. it's very worrisome now. people are unsure where to go to get help. we met a mother who has five children. most of the children are sick with a fever. normally, that's a treatable situation. but in this case, she doesn't know where to take them for just standard medical assistance. she also doesn't know where to get food and water. that's the problem that so many are having. the lack of a centralized relief headquarters, operations, somewhere that people can go to list their missing relatives and get the basic supplies. that's what's causing a huge problem. although, the situation is moving forward, step-by-step. the roads are clear in tacloban. we were able to drive across the city yesterday for the very first time. there are still bodies on the streets. however, it's really a story over water and contaminated water. sewage systems that have been broken.
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and without clean, fresh water, really a fundamental first step towards recovery, the people there are going to have much harder time in the days ahead. so, that aid, the presence of u.s. troops, u.s. forces, delivering that aid, that is a key, key issue for people right now. and something they are hoping only gets better and better. john? diana? back to you. >> gloria riviera, live for us in manila this morning. thank you. next to washington, and what will likely be a tense meeting at the white house today. >> senate democrats will be there to talk about health care reform. abc's kristin fisher joins us, now, with all the details. good morning, kristin. >> reporter: good morning, diana and john. senate democrats knew the health care enrollment numbers would be low. the white house had been saying that for weeks. yesterday, when we finally got the hard numbers, they were even worse than expected. the numbers are out and they're not pretty. only 106,000 americans signed up for health coverage through president obama's health care law. far less than the 500,000 that
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the administration had hoped for. the new numbers for the botched launch of the law, are giving republicans new fuel in their efforts to repeal it. >> when you step back and look at the totality of this, i don't think it's ever going to work. >> reporter: even before the numbers came out, the white house blamed the website's many glitches. >> i can only tell you we fully expected the number would be lower than anticipated because of the significant challenges caused by the website. >> reporter: just 26,000 enrolled using the rest signed up through state exchanges, which fared far better, especially in california, the state with the nation's largest uninsured population. more people enrolled there, than in all the states using the federal website combined. >> it's not about the numbers. behind every one of those numbers is a real person. a person whose live is being changed by getting health care. >> reporter: senate democrats are working on a bill to help fix the troubled rollout. but a similar proposal has already been put out by house
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republicans. >> the legislation that we're bringing forward this week will allow the americans to keep the plans they've been promised. >> reporter: now, the house will vote on that republican proposal tomorrow. many democrats are now urging the white house to come up with its own solution and announce it some time before friday's vote. diana? john? >> kristin fisher, live in washington. thank you. new this morning, the coast guard is combing the pacific ocean for an american woman who apparently jumped from a cruise ship. the passenger was on a princess cruise from san francisco to hawaii, when she went overboard yesterday, northeast of the big island. now, witnesses are saying she intentionally jumped in an apparent bid to kill herself. and this morning, she is presumed dead. military investigation has been launched into the death of four marines at camp pendleton in california. the victims died in an explosion yesterday while doing maintenance on a live fire range. their names and hometowns expected to be released later today. now, to a controversial plan to beef up security at the nation's airports. it involves 3,000 special tsa officers trained to detect
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criminals and terrorists by studying the behavior of passengers. so far, it has cost about $1 billion. but an investigation found the results of the program were no better than chance. and it's got lawmakers taking a second look. >> for a program to have operated since 2007, without any real success and for someone to try to continue it is an absolute waste of taxpayers' money. >> tsa officials are calling the report misleading. they say behavior detection is one of the many layers of security. and that it's a common sense approach used by law enforcement around the world. the drama surrounding toronto's mayor gets even more shocking. facing the city council for the first time since he admitted smoking crack, rob ford admitted he has bought illegal drugs in the past, while he was serving as mayor. he adamantly refused to step down, despite calls from nearly every council member. and to take a leave of absence or get help.
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someone could soon lose out on a $16 million jackpot. a winning lottery ticket sold at this store near tampa, florida. but it won't be good after next thursday. >> whoever bought this ticket may be from out of town. most of the unclaimed money would go to the state education fund if nobody comes forward. come on, john. >> i know. trying to build up the anticipation. >> being coy. time, now, for a look at the weather across the nation. the eastern part of the country can say good-bye to the arctic blast. temperatures begin warming up today. and the southeast and florida will follow after a morning chill. some rain and snow for the pacific northwest. >> 50 in seattle. 77 in l.a. denver at 55. chicago at 44. atlanta 58. d.c., 56. and boston, 50. miami, nice and sunny, 77. no thanks, facebook. why a 23-year-old man turned down billions from the social media site. and a scare at 30,000 feet. passengers are told their plane is going down. now, they want answers because of who made that announcement.
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plus, a twist in an already bizarre case involving alec baldwin as new video surfaces of his accused stalker.
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welcome back, everyone. with the dow opening at another record high today, investors will be listening very closely to the confirmation hearing of janet yellen. he's the woman likely to be the next federal reserve chair. and in her statement, she will not signal that she plans to reel in the fed economic stimulus program until next year. airline complaints are falling. the temperatures department says
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in the first nine months of the year, complains are down 14% from the same time last year. the new gold apple iphone 5s is proving to be such a hot seller that it's stoking speculation among tech analysts. they're questioning whether apple is boosting demands with its marketing or if they're experiencing supply chain issues. and the 20-something creators of snap chat have turned down nearly $3 billion to sell to facebook. they may be holding out for more money because other suitors are interested. snap chat by the way, allows users to send text messages that disappear in ten seconds or less. and users love the privacy. starbucks, they are on the move. now on a train. a new venture a two-level store on rails for switzerland's train service. sets off next week from downtown geneva. no plans for anything like it here in the u.s. >> i like that idea.
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>> cool, right? >> a coffee bar, like a bar car. >> and i like starbucks, too. when we come back, look at this video. seems like a normal train heading down the tracks, wouldn't you say? huh-uh. something very important is missing here. and in hot pursuit. police cameras capturing a lot of strange things. nothing like this before, though. [ cheeping ] [ male announcer ] you hear that? that's the sound of car insurance companies these days. here a cheap, there a cheap. everywhere a cheap... you get it. so what if instead of just a cheap choice, you could make a smart choice? like esurance for example. they were born online and built to save people money from the beginning. that's what they've always done. not just something they...cheep about. that's insurance for the modern world. esurance. now backed by allstate. click or call. suddenly you're a mouth breather. a mouth breather!
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add breathe right google... how do i get home?t. getting directions. well, it was not a good morning commute for the dump truck driver in australia that you're about to see. >> whoa. >> speeds into a tunnel with a container portion of his truck in the up position. look at the major damage to the ceiling of the tunnel, as well as the container. the switch was accidentally activated when the driver bunt down to pick up his glasses. >> hate when that happens. >> such a terrible morning
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commute. >> especially if you're behind that truck. let's look at the morning road conditions. should be an easy commute most everywhere this morning. it will be sliply in the pacific northwest. rain could make trouble in parts of north texas, as well. >> and no major airport delays to report for you. back to the news now. the faa investigating the actions of a southwest pilot during an onboard emergency. >> passengers he announced we're going down, after making a steep decent. heather of our raleigh station spoke to some of the passengers. >> thought i was going to die. and that's what everybody on that plane thought, that we were all going to die. just by one word from the captain. >> reporter: shelley wells was on her way home from tampa, when the flight took a dramatic drop midair. >> he says, we're going down. and everyone's looking around, like is this a joke? and he started to nose dive. >> reporter: passengers went into panic mode. wills, a nurse, tried to help
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the first-time flier seated next to her who was clutching her chest. >> she's going to scare herself into having a heart attack. >> reporter: she says passengers were reaching for their cell phones, desperately trying to reach loved ones. wills typed this to her daughter. >> i love yu alyssa. my plane is going down. >> reporter: wills say the plane leveled out. and made an emergency landing. >> and the last words were, thank you for hanging with us. >> reporter: in a statement, southwest airline says flight 3426 experienced a maintenance alert, as they were on descent. the captain declared an emergency and descended the air force to 26,000 feet. the flight was normal. landed uneventfully. and was not met by emergency vehicles. abc 11 has learned the alert went off due to uneven cabin pressure. according to flight stats, it took crews just one hour to fix the plane before it went on to
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baltimore. wells says the terrifying ordeal has her thinking twice about flying with the airline again. >> you just think of your kids and family. i think they just could have handle it a little bit differently. >> our thanks to heather. the woman accused of stalking alec baldwin is waking up in a new york jail cell this morning. a judge charged genevieve sabourin to contempt and sentenced her to 30 days behind bars for yourself bursts in court. sabourin just before she was arrested last year, testified she had sex with baldwin before he cut her off. baldwin has insisted the whole time they just had dinner before she started stalking him and begging him to marry her. 34 an air force officer who once led the branch's sexual assault response team has been cleared of charges that he groped a woman outside of a virginia bar. the jury deliberated about an hour before finding lieutenant
4:18 am
colonel jeff kaczynski not guilty. florida state university quarterback jameis winston at the center of a sexual assault investigation. he is having a spectacular season. but he is being investigated for an incident nearly a year ago. winston's attorney denies the allegation on his behalf. so far, charges have not been filed. pope francis is being warned that the mafia may be planning to order a hit on him. a top italian prosecutor says the most dangerous organized crime in italy is getting nervous about the pope's fight against corruption. if the mobsters can find a way to stop the pope, they will seriously consider it. a mishap for tesla motors, three workers have been injured at their northern california factory where the electric cars are made. one was seriously hurt while the others suffered minor injuries. the accident follows three
4:19 am
incidents where tesla sedans caught fire on the road. in san francisco, a metro train took off with dozens of passengers onboard. but it left the driver behind. the train traveled about a quarter-mile, before a passenger realized what happened and pulled the emergency brake. the driver had stopped, stepped on to the platform to check on a problem with the door. when the door closed, the train went into automatic mode. >> that's quick thinking. >> never a good thing. meanwhile, chicago police, now want to find this woman. she was seen on a subway train carrying a small alligator, if you can believe that. she was traveling to o'hare airport. she was showing off the animal to other passengers. >> eventually, the woman and the gator were separated. it was later found at the baggage claim area. the woman could face charges. it is illegal to own an alligator in illinois. this next gator is a bit bigger. and, yes, that man is feeding it
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a hot dog from his mouth. >> he has decades of experience dealing with gators. we're not sure how much that matters when he's face-to-face with a 12-foot wild animal. but all's well that ends well. i used to do that trick with my dog every now and then. but gator, i don't think so. he wants to get on the news. while we're dealing with wild animals, we're going to make this next story our "play of the day." this happened this week in midland, texas. >> look close at the dash cam video. that's a kangaroo hopping down the shoulder. several people called 911 to report that the animal's on the loose. it escaped its enclosure and was eventually corralled by the owner. we said before, it's really a chupacabra. i think it's a conspiracy theory. they call it a kangaroo. but it's really a chupacabra. >> there's only one out there, right? how about nessie? >> i haven't seen nessie. up next, "the pulse." we'll get up close and personal with a wild animal. >> another one?
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time to check "the pulse." we start off with a face-off of sorts. this taking place between a photographer and an elk. >> we're told that the guy was just sitting there taking pictures of the animal. look what happens. gets a little closer. look at him. what are you doing here? apparently went on for several minutes. >> yeah. eventually stood up. he got into an suv. that's when the elk started going through his camera bag. a couple blasts from the horn was enough to allow the guy to get back in there and get his stuff and get out of there.
4:24 am
check him out. >> i'm sure he got incredible pictures, though. check that out. check this out. size apparently does matter, at least when it comes to this little lively boy in south florida. ♪ >> that's a talented toronto mccalvin, a 5-year-old drum major. he was recruited by the high school marching band after a stint in band camp. >> they were amazed how quickly he was able to catch on. picking up the moves faster than the older kids. the huge crowds could not take their eyes off of him. >> too cute. >> i love the moves. there's a new fashion item for couples who simply can't stand being apart. this is called the twinsy. it has four arms, two hoods. >> it sells for about 80 bucks. can we anchor the news one day
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uh just gonna hang out. it's a school night. with gary and todd? yea. not sure about those two. i've been meaning to ask you - this is tougher than i thought - is there any drinking going on in this crowd? no. i hope not, because alcohol can lead you to say things and do things you that you really wish you hadn't. isn't this what you're supposed to say? i know. so if any of your buddies ever pressure you to take a drink, just tell them you promised your dad you wouldn't. i'd do anything to keep you safe. ok. i will. i hope this is working. i promise. i love you too dad. they really do hear you. brian? yea? so start the conversation even before they're teenagers. good idea. for tips on what to say visit a message from the substance abuse and mental health services administration.
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abc7 news begins with breakings news. >> good morning, everyone, at 4:28. a manhunt is on in the east bay after a van hit a power pole hard triggering a massive outage that had 6,000 customers in the dark. amy hollyfield is on the scene. how many are still without electricity? >> 335 customs -- customerers are without power. crews are trying to get the situation fixed. it could take a while. a van hit the pole and snapped it in half. there were 5,700 customers without power. this happened at 1:00 o'clock
4:29 am
a.m. and the impact was loud enough to wake up the neighborhood. i was sitting in the house and i heard a loud "boom," and i ain't got no power. i thought a plane crashed. it was loud. >> this happened in hayward. the word is the power may not come back on until noon. because it happened overnight you can imagine some alarm clocks may not go off. if you have a friend or co-worker in hayward you may want to give them a wake-up call. the driver ran away but we have an update. they caught him and will charge him with d.u.i. and hit and run. >> also happening now, pg&e is working to restore power to a thousand people in marin county after the lights went out after 1:00 o'clock this morning.
4:30 am
it is dark. right now pg&e says there are two outages in sausalito affecting 1,100 customers. when the lights first went out 3,000 people were in the dark. pg&e says they are not sure what caused the outages but crews are working to restore power. >> we will get you a check on the traffic. leyla gulen? >> good morning. if you are in those areas where there is the power outage, in hayward and marin, drive carefully and slow down the speed. you will see the flashing red lights means it is a four-way stop. be careful out there. we do not see much of a traffic impact because it is still early. as we take you to hayward and check the
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